Monday, 7 April 2014


Stress. This word now sounds synonymous with our day to day life. And it’s not only about us but everyone around the word, especially the ones living in cities, where the life have become hefty like anything. Every day we go out follow the same routine with heavy tension.
The problems which come with Stress are:

• Heart disease
Heart diseases are often associated with stress because it has been medically proven that stress does cause heart diseases. With increase in stress, the rate of heart increases accordingly leading to heart problems.

• Asthma
Asthma means problem in breathing, and this is caused by many factors with stress being once. As we know during stress our heart rate increases and so does our breathing rate giving asthma attacks.

• Obesity
Stress can an impact on our daily eating habits. During stress, we eat more at short duration of time therefore ending up eating more than what we actually should, leading to obesity.

• Diabetes
Stress can lead to failure of production on insulin which is an important element in digestion of glucose from our food and giving it to body to produce energy.

• Headache
Headaches are associated to stress because during stress, we are made to think more and apply more mind then we commonly do, thus leading to headaches

• Depression
Depression is common with people undergoing stress. This happens after prolonged exposure to stress.

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