Thursday, 3 April 2014


Sleep is a very important aspect of our life. First we need to understand that what sleep really is. Sleep is like an auto sleep mechanism in our body when our body shuts down most of the activity and energy is diverted to repair of wear and tear of our body. This can be explained by our fresh feeling when we wake up in the morning. Our body is like a machine and like machine have wear and tear problem, so does our body. When we give machines a proper rest, they’re ready to function at its full potential again.

Following are few benefits of a good night sleep:
Toned up Body
Better Concentration
Great Mood
Look Attractive
Emerge as Winner
Live Longer
Sharp Memory
Stronger Immune System
Better Sex.
Sleeping healthy refers to sleeping at proper time for proper duration. Power naps at times can be good, but it doesn't provide our body with much needed rest and thus lack of sleep deprives us from happiness and can further lead to health problems.

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