Thursday, 10 April 2014

Say Goodbye to Headache

Earlier, headache weren’t such a common word, but with the changes in our lifestyles and increases competition, the race to grow up has increased manifold, leading to increased working hours and more efficient results. This puts up more pressure on our brain. Brain is also like a muscle, it also needs energy to keep on working. Although it’s not actually known what medically causes headaches, but theories day that when we are under stress and our brain in working fast, it consumes more water than it actually does but due to shortage of water the size of brain contracts a little which further stretches the tendons attached to our skull leading to headaches. There are many other theories to this but the one just mentioned seems to be most logical and appropriate.
Now we know the problem, but we need ways to solve this headache problem which hampers are working potential.

Here are few listed treatments for headache:

• Head Massage
Head massage soothes your muscles and gives you a sense of relaxation to your complete body, specially your head.

• Neck Stretching
Stretching your neck for a while can give u much needed calm effect to your brain tendons who maybe under the effect of fatigue.

• Meditation
Meditation is a way of finding spiritual calmness and overall well-being of our body, this means our relaxation from headache.

• Yoga
Yoga is a link between mind and body, it stimulates our brain to be in sync with our body and get the maximum out and also keep the stress away, so indirectly keeping headaches at bay

• Relaxation
Listen to songs, go for a swim or a walk, anything which gives your body a sense of relaxation will calm your mind.

• Ice Pack
Applying ice pack on affected area tingles the brain cells and henceforth reducing the effect of headache. Slow massage on affected are gradually nullify your headache.

• Hot Tea/Coffee
Drinking Hot tea/coffee makes our body active and more blood and water is supplied to our brain. This reduces headache.

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