Friday, 11 April 2014


Sun tanning and sun burn have become quite common as more and more people are becoming sensitive to sun’s radiation. Everyone wants their skin to be radiant, fair and flawless. But sun is an enemy of skin, exposure to sun for a small time is good as it promotes production of vitamin D, but long term exposure can lead to excessive production of melanin. Melanin is a pigment generated by skin cell to fight against harmful radiations of UV-A and UV-B. The longer we stay out in direct contact with sunlight, the more melanin is produced by the skin cells of exposed body. Melanin reacts with UV radiation and imparts our skin with dark brown color.
There are ways to control this tanning, and few easy homemade remedies are listed here.

• Lemon and glycerin face pack:
Lemon is a natural bleacher with light and effective effect on our skin, while glycerin relax our skin and gives an even tone to it.

• Besan bleaching face pack:
Besan is also called as natural bleacher, a small amount of besan added with water makes a paste which can be applied over to tanned region and later washed away. You’ll see the tanning fad away after few application of this paste.

• Multanimitti and aloe vera face pack:
Aloe Vera is the best tool for tanning removal. It’s not only famous inour country but in others as well. Most of the cosmetic products or beauty products contain Aloe Vera because it’s the best known natural ingredient for tanning removal.

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