Wednesday, 23 April 2014


First let us know what this term “HEALTHY DIET” means. In layman term it’s a diet which is supposed to keep us fit. But in actual it’s something more than that. Healthy diet doesn’t mean you won’t get sick, but it does surely imp that the chances of a person who takes healthy getting sick are quite less compared to those who don’t take a healthy diet.

Healthy diet means consuming food caters to all the needs of nutrients and proteins our body requires to function properly. If the intake of food is proper and our body receives proper amount of nutrients then further it will produce all the things necessary to keep our body working in perfect condition.

Here are few food articles which a person must take in a day to keep his/her diet a HEALTHY DIET.

• Oyster
• Bananas
• Fatty fish
• Broccoli
• Brazil nuts
• Whole grains
• Plant stanols
• Soybeans
• Berries and Cherries
• Red Orange vegetables

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