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Depression, something which has infected many people in city life because of their hectic and cut throat competitive  lifestyles. Depression is caused by nervous breakdown because of too many things going on inside our head, making things go more complicated and troubled. To get rid of the problem of "Depression", there are many drugs available in market which can be bought with proper prescription from a doctor. But as we know, pills and medicines do have their side effects as well. Yes, they do provide us with relief but it's not the natural way of curing that problem, medicines just mitigate the symptoms of depression. While on the other hand, there are many non medicinal ways of dealing with this problem which causes no harmful side effects.

Some of them are listed below:

• Exercise
Exercise provides relieve from depression by altering the mood-regulating brain chemicals norepinephrine and serotonin.
• Light Therapy:
Helps recover from seasonal affective disorder
• Mood Dairy:
IT teaches people about positive thinking can relieve depression
• Acupuncture:
A handful of research suggests that acupuncture might dampen the effect of depression
• Support Groups:
Support groups can provide education on depression, a community support and an opportunity to learn on how people deal with similar problems
• Fish Oil:
Areas where the consumption of foods with omega-3 is high results have shown that those people tend to have lower rates of depression
• Meditation:
Meditation play an important  role in preventing depression relapse.
• Saffron:
Saffron increases the levels of serotonin and other chemicals in the brain which relaxes our brain
• Yoga:
Striking a pose may alleviate stress and symptoms of depression

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