Thursday, 24 April 2014


Beer Diet? Well this term might be new to most of the people, but now slowly people are getting to know about it. So what is this beer diet, it's consuming only beer and light food for a whole day. Yes you heard this right, drinking beer do really help in losing weight. I know that there is a common misconception about beer that beer makes you gain weight, but isn't the truth. People gain weight because of drinking of beer not because beer makes them so, it's because people tend to eat a lot of food along with drinking beer and now that food we eat adds to that "FAT".

It doesn't mean that you keep on drinking beer and that to any beer all day long, it needs to be regulated with appropriate amount and that to light beer so that it doesn't affect your body in a negative way. What happens is that beer aren't very high on calories and "fat gram" of beer is almost zero, meaning it won't contribute to increase in fat in our body.

Drink 3-4 bottles of light beer and add salad without cheese and butter with equal amount of water for a whole day and you feel start feeling the difference from day one. beer makes your empty feel that it's full so you don't feel hungry and the body starts burning up fat to generate energy, therefore reducing the amount of fat from our body.

Though this thing does come with the usual after effects of alcohol consumption that is drowsiness, lack of conscience etc. , so it is strongly recommended not to drive when you're under beer diet because the effect of alcohol may compromise with your driving skills as well.
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