Friday, 25 April 2014


Computers have become an inseparable part of our life, in every sphere, computers are involved. in most of the offices, we see that people are made to sit in front of a computer and work in front of them, for long hours. Sounds too easy, right? But no it isn't, long time exposure o computers does come along with its adverse effects as well, like body fatigue, eye strain etc. All these problems come under the category of computer related fatigue or computer related health problems.

Here are few ways to curb those computer related problems:

Good Sitting Posture:
It depends a lot on the way we sit because when you sit in front of computer, we tend to spend a lot of time in front of it. Body posture means setting up of desk which suits you the most. Arms fall down by your sides and back should be straight

Find A Good Chair:
A good chair means that the body will me more relaxed and less strain will be sustained by our body hence leading to great reduction in chances of being affected by computer related fatigue. Make sure you have an adjustable chair and not a fixed one so that you can adjust the height of chair according to screen level and your own height.

Stretch Your Body:
After half an hour or one hour of your work, get up and have a small stroll for 2 minutes. Body movement is necessary for proper blood circulation because heart can pump blood to all our body parts but it depends upon random muscle contraction to bring that blood back to our heart

Prevent Eye Strain:
After every twenty minutes stare at something which is far away in the room for at least twenty seconds. It sounded very simple to be effective, but to a surprise, it really works wonders.

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