Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Common cold as the name says is quite common in our environment. On daily basis we get to hear about someone or the other being affected with common cold. Well, first we’ll know what causes common cold, about its symptoms and then to remedies.

Common cold is caused by numerous virus present in air. They can be transmitted through air which is inhaled by us, of through our hands as we eat, or through direct contact with an ill people.
Symptoms of common cold are:
• Nasal Congestion
• Runny Nose
• Scratchy Throat
• Sneezing

Depending upon the type of virus, symptoms may also include:
• Cough
• Decreased Appetite
• Headache
• Muscle Ache
• Sore Throat
Prevention of common cold:
• Hand Wash:
Proper hand wash is advised because most of virus which enter our body is through our hand when we eat. Air is suspended with millions of very minute virus and they settle down on different places. When we touch anything where virus is settled, they cling to our hands and eventually enter our body through food.
• Disinfecting:
Disinfecting various items at home or at office is a great thing to do. Disinfecting means getting rid of all the bacteria attached to any item.
• Vaccination:
Vaccination is available for numerous types of diseases and viruses which helps our body immune system to activate our body to produce white blood cell specific to a disease.

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