Thursday, 17 April 2014

Hepatitis-A Go Away

Hepatitis A is a disease caused by virus which causes inflammation of liver and liver is that which stores all nutrients and vitamins, also helps digest food and remove harmful substances from our body. It’s a communicable disease and can be transmitted through various means like sneezing, coughing and physical touch with an infected person, contaminated air, infected food etc. This disease is diagnosed with the help of blood test


• Feeling Tired
• Muscle Soreness
• Upset Stomach
• Fever
• Loss of Appetite
• Stomach Ache
• Diarrhea
• Dark Yellow Urine
• Light Colored Stool
• Yellowish eyes and skin (same as in jaundice)


The diagnosis is done with the help of blood tests which tests the presence of hepatitis virus.


This disease is caused by virus hence no medicine effect or mitigate this disease. Anti-bodies produced by our body fight against these virus and within few weeks or a couple of months we’re just fine. But still there are few medicines prescribed by doctor which ensure the body remains fit to fight away the hepatitis virus.


Here are few preventive measures to avoid Hepatitis A:
• Vaccination at early stage helps build anti bodies which can fight away this disease.
• Proper sanitization helps prevent this disease. Proper sanitation means: washing of hands properly, Washing fruits and vegetables before eating, more intake of water to keep our body hydrated.

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