Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Sore throat is a symptom of common cold come into effect. Common cold is caused by millions of viruses which leads to sore throat. The other reasons of sore throat are infection, inflammation of tonsils, high monocytes in blood etc. But still, the major culprit of sore throat is common cold.
Sore throat can be very annoying as it causes continuous irritation and pain in our throat, we cannot work efficiently or eat food enjoying it. So to mitigate this problem we’ve come up with remedies which have been tested since ages and prove to be effective against symptoms of common cold “Sore Throat”.

Here are the remedies:

• Anti-Inflammatory:
Intake of anti-inflammatory capsules leads to reduction of inflamed throat region and hence giving relief.

• Saltwater Gargles:
This is one of the best known remedy known to give the best relief in case of sore throat. Adding pinch of salt to hot water can give you much needed relief as hot saline water causes osmosis to take place i.e. water from inflamed are moves out because of osmotic pressure.

• Cough drop toffees:
Sucking of cough drop toffees can also provide with ease because as we suck on those toffees, more saliva is generated and saliva is anti-bacterial which cleans region of our throat hence providing relief.

• Cough Syrup:
Cough syrup are medicines which minimize the symptoms of common cold and also reduces throat inflammation, therefore getting a relief out of it.
• Fluid Intake:
More fluid intake will keep the inflamed throat region moist as dry throat is a heaven for bacteria and viruses to attack.

• Hot Tea:
Hot tea gives instant relief as it goes down out throat as heat is supposed to shrink down the swollen throat and hence giving us relief.

• Chicken Soup:
Chicken soup is being consumed to cure common cold since ages. The reason is not known but chicken soup does improve our immune system.

• Rest:
Take rest to cure yourself. This might take a long time but it does really work. Take rest and let your immune system fight away the problem.

• Antibiotics:
Antibiotics are pills which stimulate the production of antibiotic cell (White Blood Cells) which are fighting guards of our body against any disease.

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