Monday, 31 March 2014


Oral hygiene have become very important now a days, with more and more people wishing for a perfect teeth (batisee) shinning when they smile. This has led to a great boon in the industry of oral care. Perfect white teeth does have a charm of its own and we know we can’t deny that. But how to go about it? Is it difficult or are we too late to get that kind of set of teeth? Answer to your question is “NO”, it’s never too late and the process is very easy, all you need to do is to have patience and be consistent. Just follow below mentioned tips and your perfect teeth won’t be far.

1. Brush atleast twice a day:
Brushing your teeth removes plaque clinging to your teeth. It’s cleans off the food particles covering the enamel of your teeth. Hence becoming the first step to get shinning set of teeth.
2. Fluoridated toothpaste:
Fluorine added toothpaste is a natural whitener and gives a whitening effect to your teeth, this is why fluoridated toothpastes are recommended. But it’s advised not to let small children to use those toothpaste as they have a tendency to swallow toothpaste and it’s not suggested to intake fluorine orally.
3. Brushing thoroughly:
Brushing is of no use if not done properly. Food particles get stuck in small tight places between our teeth and behind them. So take some time to brush your teeth (3-4 minutes) n clean your teeth thoroughly.
4. Floss daily:
Floss comprises of special type of oral thread. Flossing helps remove food particle and plaque from places where brushes cannot reach i.e. tight spaces between our teeth. This helps in total care of teeth.
5. Lessen your aerated drink intake:
Aerated/Carbonated water are acidic in nature, while inside our teeth, pH is maintained a little above 7 i.e. little basic condition. When we drink aerated water/cold drink, their acidic nature starts corroding the top enamel and hence yellowing of teeth.
6. Regular Checkups:
Regular checkups are important because your dentist can warn you beforehand if there is any cavity development. Also they can give you best advice what’s best for your teeth by undergoing proper thorough examination of your teeth.

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